Escaping The Madhouse

by Stan Simon

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The debut album by Stan Simon & The Hotel Bible


released July 22, 2013

All songs written and performed by Stan Simon & The Hotel Bible
Mixed and Mastered by Dennis Patterson at Big Smoke Audio

Stan Simon - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Sebastian Shinwell - Guitar
Zach Bines - Bass
Joseph Organ - Drums

Stan Simon - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica
Drew Jurecks - Clarinet, Violin
Ben Reinhartz - Drums (Track 4, 6, 7)
Roger Travassos - Drums (Track 1)
Matt Roberts - Upright Bass
Craig Saltz - Electric Bass (Track 6)
Mark McIntyre - Electric Bass (Track 1)



all rights reserved


Stan Simon Toronto, Ontario

Formed in Toronto in 2012, Stan Simon & The Hotel Bible are recognized for their haunting songwriting and gritty lyrics combining elements of American folk with country western, indie and blues.

"Ruins" their sophomore album which received positive reviews from outlets such as Noisey (Vice) and Chart Attack, will be released at The Horseshoe Tavern on May 26th.
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Track Name: Poor John

Goodbye, Poor John,
You died on your front lawn
In your chair
As gun smoke filled the air.

Your hair was slicked back
You had glasses with the lenses cracked
When your brain moaned
You’d call me drunk in the rain at a payphone.

Oh, poor John.
You lived in old films
You shot your gun bleeding in black and white spill.
Its such a shame
How the world never knew your name.

To my old friend
I’ll see you once again.
And one day, John,
They’ll make a film about a drunk and his front lawn.
Oh, poor John.
Track Name: A Changing Season

I’ve become a run-down hotel full of nightmares
With abandoned walls
And rooms full of fear,
Of losing you in the purple, woven night.

I’m a worried man who has never felt so cold
But there is a warmth,
When I stay with you,
Watching every year pass like a mark upon our skin.

Against the wall I crumble to the floor
And listen to the rain
As it soaks every sound.
In this crooked place my thoughts are with you.

And there is a frightening
Picture of a man

With eyes sharp like knives
That tears through the halls,
As my heart pounds the floor
And shakes with the walls.

I’ve become a run-down hotel full of nightmares
But you tell me
That I am a changing season
And there is a light under this darkness.
Track Name: Blood Horizon

There are red skies over the trees
As your hair sways in the breeze
Of a blood horizon.
Of flowers and their fields
Oh love, you are revealed

You are a reflecting river looming
Like roses you are blooming
In a blood horizon.
From the grass up to your lips
How strange beauty is.

The sun doesn’t show
What the night understands
Now I am on my own
A shadow in this land.
And I am the eclipse of your love.

Your eyes wide like a great valley
Blue, like a rivers mystery
Broken in the blood horizon.
And the rain falls on your brow,
Falling then as it does now.

You are a portrait lightly painted
A canvas I’ve created
Sitting in the blood horizon.
Though I feel this in my bones
For a love that is not known.
Track Name: My Drunk Heart

I loved you like a drink
As we danced in the sunset
As you swayed, you left
The taste of your sweat.
My drunk heart laughs in its cage,
As the madhouse curse the day.

My drunk heart lives on luck, drowning in whiskey.
My drunk heart is wrapped in chains, never to be free.

Your damaged silhouette
Fading, in the moonlight.
And I have drank your world
In the street tonight.
My drunk heart laughs in its cage,
As the madhouse curse the day.
Track Name: He Screamed A Man Into Me

When I was young
He beat me tough
Hanging to his shirt
With lessons I already learnt
And he screamed a man into me.

Our house was dark
My eyes in my mouth
Watching the old nocturne
Blowing out the lantern.
And he screamed a man into me.

The day crept down
When he stole my guitar
Crashing through chairs
Up and down the hall.
And he screamed a man into me.

Scars on his skull
Wide blue eyes
His outline would loom
In the dining room.
And I still love him.
Track Name: Into Nowhere

Down the railroad I will go,
Leaving at midnight to a place I don’t know.
Around the bend forms a cloud of steam
Wheels spin and whistles scream.

I jumped on the speeding train.
That night I slept on a pile of chains
And dreamed of your face across
A distorted landscape, every mile that I crossed.

Oh, I hear the crows as black as the night
Escaping with me by the faint moonlight
Where I’m going, oh, its little I care
On a train that’s bound into nowhere.

Its many miles from the nearest town.
Its many miles and there’s cabins broken down.
The fields are barren, the wind is blowing
A train is best when you don’t know where its going.
Track Name: Surrendered

Wind through the trees
I have confessed
Life is but the howls I hear from the cold wilderness
Drawing down the breeze
Where ships collide the seas.

Become this land
Restless traveller
Life is but the driest desert thirsting for water
Sifting in the sands
Bow to trembling hands

I miss you, breathing in the moon
You've got me covered in a midnight blue
Time sleeps on and all sense is gone
The wind is whistling like a broken song
Which leaves me as I am

Drown in your eyes
To the bottom of the sea
Life is but a crashing wave that tests your sanity
Through this I arise
With flames upon the skies.
Track Name: Hangman

I’ve held onto something all of my life
A lead pencil and an old cracked guitar.
I’m trapped in the hours of dread and desire
As boots pound the floor dragging the wire.

Hangman, please lift my veil
So I can see the dead sky
And feel the hands of time
Slip across my face.

The world is a jester, a dancing show
That bears down your mind in the heart of your soul.
To glance at this tree that I used to climb.
No longer a kid, no longer the time.
Track Name: Escaping The Madhouse

In the gloom,
escaping the madhouse from my room,
I melt in sound and drown in dreams
Of crashing waves in bright moonbeams.
I drift along the endless night
To find my own way.
Distant are the voices that have fled,
escaping the madhouse in my head.
Between the bars the locks are broken
I take the shackles of the world
And throw them to the ocean.
To go my own way
And listen to the clarinet play.
Track Name: The Firing Line

If you have to guess
and worry about success
Fortune is rolling the dice
What happens will be right.

If you love it you must try
Don’t stop until you die.
For you’re a man with nothing to lose
A man within a muse.

Pick your next card
There is luck for the scarred
But don’t be terrified
by the odds that you’ll face
you’ll have the adventure of the age.

It could mean desertion
It would mean isolation
Your dreams are the truest prize
You’ll laugh straight in their eyes.

And if you have the chance
to feel life through this glance.
You’ll ride it straight to the top
While the heavens begin to drop.

You catch your breath
And stare straight through death
And they will fire away
all their words of verbal waste
You’ll win, no matter what they say.

Go and don’t look back
Or else they’ll smell you on your track.
And you’d be haunted by
the very dreams you once chased
the world would seem a scary place.